Astia bracelet

by ProchaineBucharest

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"One resolution I have made, and try always to keep, is this: ‘To rise above little things’." John Burroughs
The bracelet is made of manually plaited copper-colored links into a pattern inspired by medieval amours. It can be equally matched with a casual or an elegant outfit.

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Cooper chainmaille bracelet.

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The jewel represents Prochaine’s way of looking at the world. Sometimes you look upon it through the eyes of a mesmerized child, other times you watch it with the soberness of an adult and occasionally with the wisdom of an old man.
To discover beauty is in everybody's reach. To design jewels, to melt fantasies together with ideals is what represents Prochaine jewelry. An essay, a life, a jewel are continuous and flowing creations, are real stories. The jewels tell their story to those who know how to listen.
The neck pieces are inspired by medieval ancient armor knitted by hand and are embellished with semiprecious stones. The armor is reinterpreted and can be found in the metallic stripes and tubes that flows around the neck line. Our jewels tell their story to those who listen.