Valise Laptop Cuir & Toile Old Red 3

by MinisériMarseille

240 €

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Carrying case for laptop and personal belongings. Can be worn by hand or shoulder.

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Miniséri is a bags and accessories brand which has drawn its inspiration by revamping French style bags for a daily use which bore the “tuck” metallic clasps from the 1950’s to 1970’s. French school-children’s satchels, teacher’s bags, postman’s shoulder bags, stamper’s bags, binoculars or camera cases, retro small suitcases, totes, handbags, bowling bags.. These are among many timeless and simple designs which have been revamped with noble materials and which bear the Miniséri stamp clasps.
The brand was founded by Céline Basset in 2007 and was initially designed for children. It has entirely built its fame by revamping the well-known School bag which has now become the icon product of the Brand: the “French Cartable”.
Today Miniséri is a top of the range, definitely modern trademark which has been looking to support and promote French creativity worldwide through its creations evoking French style.
“Designed in France and made on Earth” also illustrates the Brand’s will to defend the origin of its work on one hand, and the importance of working with carefully selected specialized workshops in Asia and Europe on the other hand. This openness to the world has allowed Miniséri to develop and to be distributed in Australia and Asia today.
A recognized fashion reference, the Miniséri satchel has been associated with famous brands like Bonpoint for co-branding operations. Miniséri products are sold at Bon Marché (Paris), Citadium (Paris), MoMA (NY), Tsum (Moscow), Coin (Italy) but also worldwide.