Boubou Flowers Grey

by Twins for PeaceParis

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Twins for Peace makes cool shoes that help children: each year, they give to the children the same number of shoes that the company has sold in the past year.

The Boubou Flowers are chic, warm and easy to wear.
Boubou is the nickname that one of the founders gave to his fiancée.

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Materials : Rubber sole, Leather interior, Satin.
Color : Flowers grey, Navy, White.

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The creative team was created and developed three years ago by 3 people: Louis-Felix de Fenoyl, and twins Alexandre Mussard and Maxime Mussard inspired by Max’s original idea.
It was during a football match with his brothers and children in Madagascar that Maxime had the idea. A child, without shoes hurts his foot. Maxime decided to offer him his shoes. The day after, the child was waiting Maxime on the beach, and offered him his English book in return.
That day the idea was born: create a product that could have an impact on children's lives, a true solidarity project for children around the world and also binds our clients a solidarity state of spirit.